Solar flood lights is a resource providing information on solar energy and the many applications that are available both domestic and commercial, these include anything from a basic garden light to a full heating system in the biggest of buildings.

April 5th, 2010

Solar energies have been utilised as an energy source for many years in one form or another,

A basic description would be defined as taking radiating energies from the sun IE heat and light , thereafter converting this into a sustainable energy source and used as required,

Solar energies or technologies can be characterized as being Active or Passive this is determined by how the relevant energies are captured, converted and by what means distributed.

Passive solar could include construction using materials with favourable light dispersing properties.

Active solar could include photovoltaic panels used as collecting vessels.

As solar technologies have developed the implementation in house hold products has been a relatively straight forward and cost effective process.

One of the most common solar products for domestic use would be Solar Flood Lights these are available in various sizes and strengths however the basic construction would be the same

  • Light-emitting Diode (LED)
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Battery

A Solar Flood Lights system would be strategically placed to allow maximum exposure to sunlight during the day allowing the light to recharge and store the collected energy,

Around dusk the sensors in the light components would activate in essence allowing the lights to come on unaided, the brightness and duration of illumination is very much dependant on the quality of light during recharge period.

A domestic light on a full and quality charge would expect to stay illuminated for approx 8 hrs.

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